Organizational Development

To improve an organization’s capacity to handle its internal and external functions and relationships, an organization’s framework must adapt to new technologies, global markets and economic challenges. The plan and recommendations are based on an analysis of the client’s current state and vision for the future. Strategies and interventions are developed with the capabilities of the client in mind.

Paradigm works to strengthen leadership and implement new workflow systems to help businesses work smarter with greater results.

Successful companies master the challenges of creating a coherent organizational system that brings the best contribution from each of its parts and its people together. Strengthening leadership and implementing new workflow systems are the outcomes of a Paradigm plan.

Areas of Expertise:
• Tailored Needs Assessment
• Core Competency Assessment Program
• Leadership Competency Modeling and Application
• Customized Leadership Development and Training
• Organizational Design
• Performance & Talent Management Systems Development
• Benchmarking Research

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Paradigm Group Consultants is a Change Management Consulting Firm dedicated to providing companies in-depth assessment tools, insightful perspectives, and innovative training to help them maximize relationships with their greatest asset – their people – to ensure they are ready to compete in a challenging global marketplace. Whether designing more effective human resources strategies, enhancing the development of organizational processes, nurturing more effective leaders or embedding greater diversity and inclusion in a company’s culture, Paradigm Group Consultants is equipped with cutting-edge resources and innovative strategies to guide organizations toward success.