Diversity and Inclusion

Success occurs when employees can talk, respect and work with each other without fear of reprisal. Paradigm consultants will assess, consult and facilitate the development of your Diversity and Inclusion strategy and build learning processes that are critical the achievement of real culture change.

Paradigm partners to build a customized program that will encourage innovation through diversity & inclusion.

Our team of experienced consultants and trainers will partner with your staff to build a customized program that will encourage employee engagement and innovation through diversity & inclusion.

As a change management firm, we know that diversity affects everything – from organizational structure, to corporate culture and individual employee performance. Our goal is to help companies develop strategies, programs and trainings that assist organizations in building a culture where each employee feels comfortable bringing his or her whole self to work. We partner with companies to build a customized program that will encourage innovation through diversity and inclusion – because organizations that truly understand the importance of diversity enjoy reduced staff turnover, staff with increased job satisfaction and greater productivity.

Areas of Expertise:

• Diversity Needs Assessment
• Strategy Development
• Training Development and Implementation
• Leadership Training for Program Management
• Experiential Training – Integration of Core Behaviors
• Process Review and Update
• Supplier Diversity

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Paradigm Group Consultants is a Change Management Consulting Firm dedicated to providing companies in-depth assessment tools, insightful perspectives, and innovative training to help them maximize relationships with their greatest asset – their people – to ensure they are ready to compete in a challenging global marketplace. Whether designing more effective human resources strategies, enhancing the development of organizational processes, nurturing more effective leaders or embedding greater diversity and inclusion in a company’s culture, Paradigm Group Consultants is equipped with cutting-edge resources and innovative strategies to guide organizations toward success.